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Important legal notice
Declaration on the protection of personal privacy
Declaration on the copyright
Declaration on liability
How to create a link to KITRY website ?

Important legal notice

The information on this site is subject to a Declaration on liability, a Declaration on the copyright and a Declaration on the protection of personal privacy.

By visiting this site, you unconditionally accept the content of these Declarations without, otherwise, the establishment of any legal link between you and KITRY.

You are kindly requested to first read each of these Declarations, without exception, by clicking on them.

As a visitor of this site, you cannot invoke any rights should you fail to do so.


Declaration on the protection of personal privacy

KITRY wishes to guarantee your privacy and that of each visitor of this site by complying with all legal and other stipulations regarding the protection of the personal privacy.

The visitor of this site is familiar with the fact that certain personal information is known or can be known by KITRY, purely by connecting to this site. By merely connecting to KITRY site you, as a visitor, give KITRY explicit permission to register and process this information.

For the commercialization of certain products via this site, the ordering of services of any kind, etc, KITRY is likely to ask you certain personal particulars. These personal data allow KITRY to process your request and to constantly improve its service to you and to adapt it to your needs. Except in case of an explicit written refusal, to be addressed to the person in charge of processing the data, mentioned below in this Declaration, KITRY may communicate these data to third parties for promotional and other legal purposes.

You may, at all times, consult the personal data processed by KITRY and have all the necessary changes made or request that KITRY removes them free of charge from its files or does not communicate the information given, entirely or in part, to third parties.

Should the possibility be offered, you are also free to e-mail any comments, texts, drawings, models, such as feedback, suggestions, remarks, questions etc with regard to the contents of the site or to the activities of KITRY.

KITRY will also treat your e-mails in compliance with the afore-mentioned legal and other stipulations.

However, KITRY does request that you do not send any e-mails stating your racial or ethnic origin, your political views, your religious or philosophical convictions or your membership of a union, nor any personal particulars regarding your sexual life or your health. Should a visitor nevertheless reveal this information, he shall have no recourse against KITRY.

By sending e-mails, the visitor renounces all rights with regard to its contents which may be reproduced, used, transformed, distributed etc by KITRY without any restriction or any notification. Moreover KITRY may, without any restriction or any notification to the visitor, use the ideas, plans, techniques etc contained in these e-mails for any purposes whatsoever, inclusive of but not limited to the development, the design, the commercialization and the sale of products and services.

The visitor is aware of the fact that addressing KITRY e-mails of which he illegally acquired their content, makes him solely and completely responsible or liable, both for the sending itself as for the use KITRY would make of it, in any which way.

The visitor should refrain from spamming (sending an excessive amount of e-mails). Furthermore the visitor is not allowed to send e-mails containing viruses or that could in any way damage this site. The visitor who is found guilty of this, can be prosecuted. He may also be denied access to the site.

Complaints regarding the handling of your personal particulars can be lodged with the Commission for the protection of the personal privacy.

Service in charge of processing the data:

Pierre Létargez
10A, Rue Henri M. Schnadt
L 2530 Luxembourg

Téléphone : +352 26 64 93 43
Télécopie : +352 26 64 93 44

Matricule TVA 1999 22 29104
Identification TVA LU 18172980
RC Lux B 34 661


Declaration on the copyright

In order to offer you, as our visitor, texts, drawings, photos and models etc of outstanding quality, KITRY pays particular attention and heed to the contents and form (layout) of its site.

KITRY logos and trade names are protected by law.

Therefore any use, reproduction, display, presentation, removal etc, even partially or in altered form, whether electronically, mechanically or in any other way, of the texts, drawings, photos, models, diagrams, logos, trade names and other elements present on this site, is forbidden to all visitors of this site without the explicit and prior written permission of KITRY.

In certain cases however, you are allowed to create a link to this site. In order to learn about the relevant conditions, please click on "How to create a link to KITRY Website ?"

We explicitly and profusely draw your attention to the fact that creating a link does not in any way affect the prohibition to copy, reproduce or display logos etc.

Any infringement on the foregoing may result in criminal prosecution, without prejudice to the possibility for KITRY of submitting a claim for damages.


Declaration on liability

With this site KITRY wishes to inform you, as a visitor, as well as possible about KITRY itself and about the products and services offered by KITRY.

Furthermore, this site offers you the possibility of acquiring certain products and services via the internet or to communicate with KITRY, by means of e-mail, with a view to offer you services that are tailored to your needs. This site does not pursue any advertising purpose.

KITRY aims at providing information on this site that is up-to-date and correct.

However, this information which is put at your disposal for free, might, in spite of all the efforts made by KITRY, contain typing errors, technical or other errors. The information might also contain data that are not necessarily exhaustive, complete, accurate or updated.

This site is no more than a tool, albeit a very valuable one.

Therefore we suggest that you, as visitor of this site, would also consult the official information sources of KITRY, such as e.g. the official yellow timetables or the timetable booklet, before using the information on the site.

Should you decide to purchase certain products or services through this site, you acknowledge, by using this possibility, being informed thoroughly and exhaustively.

Should you have any doubts regarding certain information, additional information can always be obtained at KITRY offices.

This site, as well as all the information it contains, can at all times be altered by KITRY without prior notice. This is also the fastest way to inform you about the most recent changes.

For your convenience and purely for your information, this site is also linked to external sites, over which KITRY does not necessarily has any control and therefore does not assume any responsibility, even though it has itself created or accepted the link.

KITRY draws your attention to the fact that, barring deliberate errors from one of its organs, it can under no circumstances be held liable or responsible for any damage, resulting from the information provided on this site or from its incomplete, outdated or inaccurate nature (e.g.: missed connections etc).

Neither can KITRY be held liable or responsible for damages of any kind, resulting from the use you make of this site (e.g.: viruses, damaged files, loss of programmes or other data, indirect damage, loss of business profits etc).

Ultimately, KITRY cannot be held liable or responsible for interruptions of any kind, or for any damage resulting from those interruptions.


How to create a link to KITRY website ?

You can create a link to KITRY website on the following conditions:
  • the link must be made to KITRY home page, viz or, etc. Should you wish to make a link to another page than the home page, you need to mention this explicitly.
  • The link has to be made in a full window, so not in frames of other sites nor in popups (window without navigation buttons) ; and
  • the link is not to be made from a site of which the object and image are contrary to public order or morality or, in general, of which the object and image are not in keeping with the object and image of KITRY ; and
  • The link is not to be made from a site that is only accessible on payment nor is it to incite the user to any form of payment.

To create a link, you must follow the procedure below:

  • by e-mail you ask KITRY whether you may create a link, mentioning the name of the site and of the person responsible for the site and the purpose of this link; and
  • in this mail you state explicitly that you fully accept and will respect KITRY conditions for creating a link ; and
  • prior to the creation of the link, KITRY will examine your request and will inform you by e-mail of its agreement or refusal.

Even in case of an agreement, KITRY can, at all times, at simple request and without any justification, forbid the link.

Creating a link that is only accessible on payment or for which the user is asked a form of payment, is subject to a written agreement of KITRY.

A link that is in any way not in accordance with the foregoing, either because the conditions are not met, or because the procedure was not followed, or because KITRY has explicitly forbidden the link, may result in criminal prosecution, without prejudice to the possibility for KITRY of submitting a claim for damages.