With nearly 20 years of experience, KITRY provides IT solutions to functional problems.

Working in close collaboration with our customers, KITRY implements the most innovative solutions.

KITRY constantly updates its knowledge of the latest technical and functional technologies. Our "competence centres" are always seeking to enlarge and improve our "solutions" offer.

KITRY develops in-house solutions and its consultants undertake customer-specific development projects. KITRY also provides assured support for customer applications and customer networks.

In developing company information management strategy, KITRY attaches great importance to personal service. KITRY project teams work in complete confidence, with all the necessary skills and with mutual respect for eachothers' skills.

A shared quality charter is a key element of KITRY's approach and the technological and communicative ability of KITRY's employees also contributes a significant asset.

KITRY's commercial policy is based upon building trust and the development of long term relationships.

KITRY and its customers are partners with one common goal: the success of projects and the durability of these investments.